Resources for Future Social Workers

If you are considering a career in social work and are unsure about admissions, internship experience, curriculum or other deciding factors for your MSW program, consider our guides below developed in part with social workers in the field.

Admission Requirements for Online MSW Programs


All students interested in earning their MSW online should consider reading this page. Unlike local universities, some online MSW programs have geographic restrictions, and therefore do not accept students nationally. In addition, some universities only accept students who live in specific states. This page also contains information about the typical admission requirements for online MSW programs.

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Internships in Social Work


All online MSW programs require students to complete internship or field experience as part of their curriculum. For online students, field education is usually completed at a local health services agency. The number of hours required per week depends on the program type (traditional versus advanced standing) and whether the student is enrolled full-time or part-time. In order to help current and prospective MSW students better prepare for field education, we reached out to social work professors and field education directors to ask them about the advice they give students in their programs. We then consolidated their responses as a resource for students in both online and on-campus programs.

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